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Agave Grill & Cantina

Agave Cantina & Grill promises to be a destination as well as a restaurant for the busy families in the area. Live entertainment is featured on the spacious deck in the evening as well as serving lunch and dinner. With so much thought having gone into developing the dining area and atmosphere, Agave Cantina is the quintessential spot for relaxing and delightful unregimented fun, even before the food arrives.

Agave Cantina is a fusion of culinary traditions that now seems like a natural but was a bold departure when Balbeisi Restaurant Group introduced the concept over a decade ago to the dining public. The eclectic menu melds the rich flavors of traditional Mexican food with the seasoning and amazing seafood of Cajun cuisine that is native to the Lafayette area, and it is always prepared with the freshest ingredients.

Agave crab cakes spiked with the flavor of southwest pecans, mango and roasted raspberry, the shrimp and scallop ceviche, a perfect platter of nachos with fried rabbit and chipotle mayo and pico de gallo, or glazed tilapia on Spanish rice with grilled vegetables and crabmeat cream sauce are just a few of the unique favorites Agave Cantina’s diverse menu features.

It’s also the perfect spot for those who understand the bliss of sipping handmade margaritas made with the 40 of the finest agave Tequilas in the world.

“When you step into Agave, you will know it was born in Lafayette, Louisiana,” Balbeisi said. “It has been infused with Cajun culture. You have to be careful with that and really put a lot of thought into what you are doing to get it right. We have never claimed to be traditional Mexican food, and we have been very successful with it, because the people in this area know good food. And people know good margaritas. We’ve worked hard to keep the prices reasonable and give people a great product. A lot of people are very cautious right now to open new businesses, but I’m confident in this region, and the people here have always been tremendous to me.”

Agave Lafayette Fajitas

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